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Our Thoughts on Linear Power Supplies: 

In the beginning...

there was the 7805 and all was well in the hobbyist world.  Then people started wondering... "Can we power our devices and projects to last longer with a cheaper power source than a 9 volt transistor battery?"  From that simple question came Dinam Technologies MiniPower series power supplies.  Bringing miniature switch mode power solutions within reach of the electronic hobbyist and experimenter.   

Our Mission

To become the leader in low voltage DC to DC power supplies for the small volume manufacturer and hobby markets.  We are dedicated to the innovator and his creations.  In other words... We are here for the purpose of, "bringing power to your ideas!"

Our Company Profile

We are a small company devoted to the idea that just because an idea for a product comes from a small company, that doesn't make it a small ideas.  Your product or idea shouldn't be limited because the components to make your idea truly efficient are beyond your reach because of low volumes.  By providing standard power solutions to multiple small business owners and manufacturers, we can take advantage of our ability to provide economy of scale and pass on saving to our customers as well.  Also, by providing a pre-designed solution to their power needs, the user of our products can concentrate on their idea rather than how to power their design.

For those of you considering our products, here's what Parallax had this to say about us...

What is a MP series power supply?

The MiniPower (MP) series of Switch-Mode DC to DC converters for battery-powered equipment are designed to lower the battery count and provide as much state-of-the-art power as possible in a very small package. They represent a technology previously available only to OEMs of Cell Phones, Personal Digital Assistants, Pagers, Electronic Cameras, and other hand-held devices. Now, this technology is available to anyone who would like to easily incorporate it into his or her design projects!

You may ask, Why substitute a Switch-Mode power supply when a simple linear will work? The answer is, For the same reason the OEMs of the aforementioned products do! A Switch-Mode power supply is not only much more efficient at utilizing the precious energy contained in each cell, but also allows the use of fewer and less expensive cells. A MiniPower regulated supply will power the same circuit from 1 to 3 cells as would require 4 or more cells, or a costly 9V battery with more traditional methods. In addition, the MiniPower circuit will fully discharge the cells under constant power as recommended for maximum cell life by battery manufacturers!


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